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Katherine is co-author of the book “Boss eller Buddy: Balansegang for dagens ledere” (in English, “Boss or Buddy: Balancing act for today´s leaders”).

“Boss and Buddy: Balancing Act for Today´s Leaders” is a book to inspire, simplify and give leaders concrete advice and tips. The book provides an easily grasped framework and easily applied tools and techniques for leaders who want practical ideas on how to lead well.


A good leader requires the ability to step in and out of the Boss role and the Buddy role. A leader must be both a Boss and a Buddy to lead effectively and need to have a wide range of techniques at your disposal when leading different people and situations.


Boss is not the evil bad guy and Buddy the nice good guy.  Both roles, when executed well, create value and better business results. And isn´t that a leader´s main responsibility?


Katherine provides Boss&Buddy® Leadership Programs in multiple formats:

  • ½ day 

  • Full day

  • 2 day

  • Modular programs

    • 3 modules x 2 days

    • 3 modules x 1 day


Topics can include the following:


  • Test yourself: Are you a Boss or Buddy leader?

  • Today´s leaders must be Boss AND Buddy

  • Cross-cultural Boss&Buddy challenges 

  • Leading people from several generations 

  • Norwegian leaders need more “Boss”

Katherine is a contributor to the book “Developing Your Global Mindset: The Handbook for Successful Global Leaders (2013).

The Handbook for Successful Global Leaders, is full of practical and engaging ways to develop a Global Mindset for success in global business. This book is a must-have resource guide for managers and leaders who are in global roles or who have global responsibilities.

The book is available in softcover and e-book via amazon.