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Katherine’s expertise stems from working in over 50 countries as a leader, consultant, executive coach and author in cross-cultural and global contexts.  She is passionate about working with leaders around the world to bring out the best in themselves and others as they make their professional journeys.


Katherine’s creative and collaborative approach, with emphasis on emotional intelligence, creates sustainable results for leaders and their teams, enabling them to adapt to changing situations in a resilient manner. 


Katherine has extensive experience delivering executive education programs for Thunderbird Global School of Management and BI. She combines her practical experience as a leader at The Coca-Cola Company with strong conceptual abilities to design strategic competency frameworks and author books about leadership.

After 17 years in Norway, Katherine now lives in the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver and is in Oslo several times per year.  The wonders of technology allow her to maintain valued client relationships in Norway and continue to work with leaders globally. 




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As an innovation consultant and diversity expert, Nikol works to create sustainable business solutions and promote equality. She brings a fresh perspective and uses creative and interactive methods to facilitate learning and growth mindset focus.


Nikol has established Network for Work, an organization promoting diversity in business and employment opportunities for internationals in Oslo. She has partnered with the Oslo Region Alliance to create and deliver strategies for promoting Oslo as an innovation region and to attract international talent. 


Nikol has experience with establishing e-learning platforms from co-creating an online accelerator for entrepreneurs Grundr Academy, as well as creating an online platform for Network for Work. 


Nikol works as a project lead and business consultant at Charge Startup Accelerator which enables her to combine her passion for diversity with innovation and entrepreneurship focus.

Nikol has lived and worked in the Czech Republic, Ireland, and Norway, while supporting clients across the world. Her involvement with Network for Work and Charge Incubator allows her to recreate the international experience, working with diverse and international groups while being located in Oslo.





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Annika is an experienced leader, entrepreneur and consultant, who for many years has shown her own ability to unleash potential in companies nationally and internationally.

Annika’s expertise is called upon by corporations, startups and boardrooms where she focuses on executive coaching and personal leadership development to facilitate strategic objectives, acquisitions, innovation and leadership processes. Her approach ensures that the leader and his/her team have a clear roadmap for success long after her work is done.


Annika’s breadth of experience and hunger to adopt new best-practice tools has given her the unique adaptability to draw upon real-time, practical solutions and a tailored approach that works best for her clients. Her agile and interactive leadership methodologies have enabled her to build strong leaders and sustainable teams spanning the Nordics to Africa, Asia to North and South America. 





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Meryn takes a custom-designed approach with her clients to deliver actionable and inspiring results in order to meet the rapidly changing needs of businesses. She draws upon 14 years of management experience and adopts leading methodologies including lean startup, sprint design and fast prototyping into her work to ensure teams function in an agile, dynamic environment and are adaptable to change.  


As a coach, Meryn works with both corporate leaders and startup founders to garner best practices across industries and sectors, and brings innovative and practical new tools and techniques to her coaching clients. Inquisitive, adaptable and always willing to think outside the box, Meryn brings energy and passion into her projects and seeks to equip, inspire and propel forward those she serves. 


Meryn takes a highly interactive approach, using technology as an enabler to enrich communication amongst individuals, teams and stakeholders. She is equipped at running virtual workshops, coaching and strategy sprints, ensuring that momentum and personal connections are strengthened and maintained.

Meryn has managed teams in both the public and private sector and has advised government officials, corporate leaders and startup founders using effective and unconventional approaches to get things done. She fosters intrapreneurship through her work and implements a science-based, industry-backed approach to foster an adaptive and agile, future workforce.