Global Mindz has extensive experience in delivering leadership programs that are cross-cultural, cross-functional and across business units to leaders of many different nationalities.


Types of leadership development programs offered by Global Mindz:


  1. Customized leadership development programs – Global Mindz works closely with the client to design and deliver leadership programs that are aligned with the company´s business and leadership strategy. 

  2. Cascade leadership development programs – Global Mindz has excellent experience with defining leadership strategy and principles with the top management teams. Leadership programs are then designed to meet these ambitions and the top management team plays a visible role during the leadership program.

  3. Ready-to-deliver leadership development programs – Global Mindz also offers leadership programs that do not require the design and develop lead time or cost. Clients select the topics most relevant topics for their organization and choose both length and number of modules.


Our approach to working with team development:

  1. Identify and focus on elements most critical to team´s performance – The team´s pre-requisites and processes are analyzed to identify how to produce the best results. We create a common understanding of the current reality in the team and then develop a plan to achieve desired results. The organization's strategy, values, management tools, measurements evaluations are included as part of this process.

  2. Team development linked to business agenda - We constantly work with the business objectives as the leading driver for the individual and team development. Important topics in these projects have included decision-making, utilizing diversity, communication, strategic thinking, corporate responsibility and ethics, efficient use of time, role clarification and employee development. 

  3. Utilize Global Mindz diverse expertise as leaders and consultants internationally - There are diverse developmental needs and focus areas for different teams in an organization. In addition to having worked many years as consultants, each person in the Global Mindz core team has international experience as leaders as well as working with Norway HQ-based organizations, and can draw on this expertise when working with teams.


Types of coaching services offered by Global Mindz:


  1. Individual coaching related to personal growth and development of their leadership role - Target group here will be managers and key employees. Coaching is carried out in conversations with each according to agreement. Frequency can vary from weekly to every 3 months.

  2. Individual coaching linked to specific organizational processes. We conduct coaching processes, which seek to develop leadership related to processes in the managers unit. The topics are usually related to the implementation of change processes, conflict situations and projects.

  3. Individual coaching related to leadership development programs - To ensure we make the most out of company executive leadership development programs we have coaching conversations related to the main themes in the leadership development program, and link it to a personal development plan.


Two of our consultants are ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coaches.


The ability to communicate well with people from different cultures is important whether you find yourself working in other countries or working in your own country with people of different nationalities. This is becoming more of a daily reality for many individuals and organizations.


Two of our consultants are certified in the Cultural Orientations Indicator®  (COI®) created by Training Management Corporation (TMC), a Berlitz company.

The COI® provides an individual cultural preference profile, recognizing that it is individuals that work together on a daily basis, and not stereotypical national profiles. 


The COI® and Cultural Navigator database can also be employed as a tool for developing areas of global mindset, in particular intercultural empathy and interpersonal impact


  1. Stand-alone program to specifically improve cross-cultural communication skills – Targeted sessions that focus on increasing self-awareness, other-awareness, cultural knowledge and cross-cultural skills. Cross-cultural skills include verbal and non-verbal communication, and impacts giving and receiving feedback, negotiating, decision-making, and teamwork when working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

  2. Incorporated as a part of a more comprehensive leadership development program – Cross-cultural communication is a relevant topic that can be included in new or existing international leadership development programs. 

  3. Individual coaching related to expatriate assignments or personal leadership development – Develop cross-cultural communication skills to prepare for an upcoming expatriate assignment or be better equipped to lead people from different cultural, functional and generational backgrounds.